Russian estate

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Otto von Bismarck at the Arkhangelskoe estate

Otto von Bismarck
Otto von Bismarck
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“Arkhangelskое late in the evening, a palace of Italian style. From its facade a wide, staggered meadow stretches to the river, like in Schonbrunn, a living fence, and to the left of it at the river itself is a pavilion, and in the six rooms I roam alone; on the other side of the water — a moonlit plain, on this side — a meadow with fences and greenhouses, the walls look at me like ghosts, old portraits, and in the windows — white marble statues: a very romantic retreat. Since there are alterations going on at the palace, the owner Prince Yusupov, huddles in the manager’s house. A greenhouse, currently vacant, at least 150-ashrins in length, adjoins my pavilion. All together, including the park, it is largely reminiscent of the Redentin estate with fanciful additions of buildings, fences, terraces and statues.”

From Otto von Bismarck’s letter to his wife, 1859